Bart Mitchell, Managing Member

Bart founded Mitchell Properties LLC in January 2000 to develop high quality residential, retail and mixed-use ventures in the Boston area and elsewhere in Massachusetts.  Developments completed to date or under construction include The Glenwood & Belmont Lofts in Malden MA, 700 Harrison, 700 Retail & Parking, and The Marais in the South End neighborhood of Boston MA, The Coolidge in Watertown MA, Atlas Lofts in Chelsea MA, 225 Centre and 225 Centre Commercial in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston MA, Flats at 44 and Flats at 22 in Chelsea, MA, and Cable Mills in Williamstown, MA.  

Projects developed by Mitchell Properties are distinctive for their design and construction quality and have created significant value for their communities and for their investors. Bart serves as managing member of all Mitchell Properties development and ownership entities.

Prior to founding Mitchell Properties he served as Senior Vice President for Development at Beacon Residential Properties, as Director of Equity Finance and Director of Development at The Community Builders,  as Deputy Development Advisor to the Mayor of Boston, as a consultant to the NYC Office of Management and Budget, and as a consultant at Lewin & Associates, Washington DC.    

He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Williams College in 1980 with Highest Honors in Political Economy and his Master of Public Policy degree in 1984 from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government with a concentration in Finance and Urban Development Policy.  

Bart is currently the CEO/President of The Community Builders, the largest non-profit urban housing developer in the United States.